Serving olives? Try out these wonderful olive forks.

I just love olives, don’t you? I can eat them any time, well, OK, maybe not for breakfast, but just about any other time. What I find really difficult is how one serves olives without the pits rolling around on tables, or worse still clutched in your guests hands!?  So I decided I should design just the ‘thing’ to house the olives, the olive forks or picks and the olive pits!

Olive serving tumbler on plate with olive fork or pick

If you love olives, then you'll love this set, perfect for serving olives!

Da~daaaaaaa!!   An Olive Serving Set. What do you think? – Be the first to comment….. we’d love to hear from you.

I serve the olives on the little hammer finish Plate or Salver and have the olive forks or picks in the beaten finish Tumbler initially, as you can see in the photo below. As your guests choose their favourite coloured  bead on the beaded olive fork, the pits then, go into the tumbler – out of sight – wonderful!

Olive accessories - multi-coloured Olive Forks

Choose Olive Forks with different coloured beads so your guests know which is theirs!

Its a great way to break the ice at parties when you invite new friends – ask them to choose any Olive Fork, with a glass bead, whichever appeals to them, and see how your guests start talking all at once, everyone pitches in with their comments about their most favourite colour, and before you know it, all your friends are chatting away and the olives are all, well – gone! The best part is that you don’t have to keep finding more toothpicks as everyone knows which one is theirs, from the coloured glass bead, and keep re-using their chosen Olive Fork or Pick – good solution eh?

Hand made Olive Forks embellished with glass beads

Choose a colour and you won't lose your Olive Pick all night!

As you can see here, there are plenty of bead colours to choose from and should satisfy even the finiky few!!

You can use these Forks or Picks for any hors d’oeuvres; mini sausages, stuffed mushrooms, small meatballs, pickled onions, gherkins, devils on horseback, anything you fancy that requires a toothpick. Getting inspired? Great, now the creative juices are flowing, tell us what else you come up with?

So next time you feel lost and want a great idea to liven up a party – buy a dozen Beaded Olive Forks, a couple of Silver Salvers and matching hammer finish Tumblers, and voila! A lovely new party piece! Go ahead and enjoy your shiny new Olive Forks or Picks with the colour coded glass beads  – a different colour for each person – brilliant!