Its finally here!

I’ve thought about this moment for the last 2 years while I’ve been working with the web-developer building my website; now that the time is here……..I’m blank! What do I write about? Do people really care what I think or about what I do? Or even why I’m here indeed?

So lets start with introductions eh? My name is Risham, I’m a designer, Indian born, UK educated with an interim in West Africa, and now living in New Delhi.

Tiffinware’ is my baby! The marriage of metal and glass – silver plated, handmade tableware and accessories, designed to be fabulous, affordable gift items.

silver plate nibbles bowl or sweetie dish

Silver plate, beaded Nibbles Bowl or Sweetie Dish,

I became very interested in eastern crafts being transported to Europe and the west, initially via trade routes, thus creating unusual and rather fantastic, if not often wild, fashion statements of turbans, robes, wraps, shawls etc all now considered ‘western fashion.’

When I moved back here I was drawn to the indigenous dying crafts, was quite alarmed at some areas. My aim was to renew interest and work with individual artisans, to integrate their craft with vibrant, modern, designs. All sounds very grand – it was! Amazing, creative, totally wonderful.

I’ve gone from my discipline in printed and woven textiles, into jewellery and related leather accessories, to beaded sandals, on to glass (there’s another story there!), silver plate with glass – couldn’t be further from textiles, but its great fun and they’re so versatile functional. Then back to my first love – home accessories or lifestyle as they’re know now, and back to scarves – embroidered, beaded, crushed, with tassles, you name it, I’ve probably designed it, with bells on (again, I kid you not!).


4 thoughts on “Its finally here!

  1. Risham: Good start! I didn’t know that you had a West Africa connection — where in West Africa were you? I think about you all the time as the items I bought from you are sprinkled all over our home and no matter where in the world we are, I can think of Risham’s treasures, and by default, you!


    • Hi Kashmira,
      I’m delighted you like it, always hard at first.
      And yes, Nigeria and Ghana for 6 years, I still feel like I’m Ghanaian, I was quite young, but I loved it and then my sister went back and lived there for 6 years so I went back again a few times. 6 seems to be the magic number?! My father was in Ibadan University, and then Kumasi University and my sister was at Achimota in Accra.

      Its good that you are reminded of me through my products, they all feel like a part of me anyway, so I’m happy I’m living with you on your travels 🙂

      Thanks for writing. xx


    • Dear Christine
      Thank you for your lovely compliments and encouragement, I actually couldn’t have done this without your help – don’t be envious, just hope I can keep it up 🙂


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