Tiffinware in the Top Ten Salad Servers – The Independent

Silver plate, beaded, silver plate Salad Servers; perfect gifts and table accessories

These stunning and sophisticated Salad Servers are perfect if you want to make a style statement when entertaining your friends, seen here in the black and bronze colour option.

Beaded Salad Servers, silver plated, hand made; candy pink and lilac
“Stunning and Sophisticated” Salad Servers, hand-made, tableware, seen here in the candy pink and lilac bead colour options.

Well that was really rather nice!

We had a mail about 2 weeks ago asking for a pair of our Salad Servers for testing by The Independent Newspaper. We get a few enquiries come through and in the early days we would all get terribly excited, and often nothing would come of it. We were quite casual about the Independent’s request for Servers. Then…..  a mail rushed in at great speed on Friday morning – yippeeeeee!!


10 best ……Salad servers  ~~ chosen by Kate Hilpern (Thank You Kate! Very kind indeed), she said…..

“These handmade silver-plated glass-beaded salad servers are stunning and sophisticated and available in a range of colour themes. One of many table-top accessories in the range, they come beautifully presented in their own posh pouch and despite being delicate, they stand the test of time.”

Great praise indeed, eh? Its soooooo nice when you actually get compliments – hint! hint!

Salad Servers: Salad Spoon and Fork, embellished with handmade glass beads

Silver plated Salad Servers, handmade, beaded table accessories create a wonderful festive table with Tiffinware servers this Christmas.

These here, are the said Salad Servers (above). As Kate kindly mentioned, they are available in various glass bead colour options – see below and top.

Silver plated Salad Servers, handmade, beaded; great gift ideas and tableware

Pink and Green Beaded Salad Servers, silver-plated, handmade; lovely spring colours.

Salad Servers; tableware and Gift ideas from Tiffinware.com
Christmas red and green beaded Salad Servers, hand made, silver plate. Opposite colour combination to those above in the large photograph.

If you’re looking to add some style to your table, or buy a different and quirky present for a friend – perhaps these Salad Servers are ‘it!?’


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