Fancy a change? Here’s how you can customise your Tiffinware.

At Tiffinware we believe that everything in your home should not only be functional, but fun too! Why surround yourself with items that are not pleasing to the eye? In these design-rich times, even the humblest potato peeler can be enticing, I was looking at some today by Victorinox – quite the thing! Homeware shops are no longer for the mundane. Just walk through one next time you go shopping and let me know if you managed to walk out empty-handed!? I shall be amazed you resisted!

Many Tiffinware products are embellished with bespoke hand made glass beads; the best thing is, that every bead is interchangeable! Fabulous, as your purchases can take on a completely different avatar dependent on the reason, the season or (retain their chosen colour combination) for its lifetime! You can buy an extra set of beads with every purchase so you can have fun too.

Buy the same item for all your friends, choose colours appropriate for them and voila – all different, all unique!

We have 11 standard bead colour combinations which we have found to be the most popular and the 12th option is DIY – With option no. 12, the sky is the limit, as the combinations are endless! Watch our video to see how you can change the beads  [youtube=

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