Beautiful, useful Honey Ladles and Spoons

At Tiffinware we love honey and we have not one, or two but three products especially designed for serving and storing your yummy honey – A Beaded ‘Wiggly’ Stem Honey Spoon, a traditional design silver plated Honey Ladle or Dipper and a wonderful silver plate, Ribbed Honey Pot with Lid. If you don’t like honey that’s fine, you can use the pot for jam, chutney, sugar, or just whatever takes your fancy.

Honey Ladle, Honey Spoon and ribbed Honey Pot

Silver plated, Honey Ladle or Dipper in foreground, beaded 'Wiggly Stem' Honey Spoon in the middle, and Ribbed Honey Pot and Lid, embellished with interchangeable hand made glass beads.

We just love the way that big, scrumptious glass bead sits on the lid of the Honey Pot, don’t you?

This wonderful beaded ‘Wiggly Stem’ Honey Spoon is designed to hook onto the rim of the Honey Pot, (see image below) thus ensuring you don’t lose any of that delicious honey, or have honey drips on your table-cloth or breakfast counter, making an sticky, icky mess.

Wiggly Stem Honey Spoon with Honey Pot

Beaded, silver plate, 'Wiggly Stem' Honey Spoon hooked on to the Ribbed Honey Pot

The Honey Spoon, shown above, has the rounded glass button beads threaded on to its stem. You can choose whether you prefer your Honey spoon like this one (above) or with the buttons and tubes, as on these spoons, just let us know when you place your order and state your glass bead preferences, as each piece is made to order and can be customised just as you would like.

The more conventional silver plated Honey Ladle or Dipper is perfectly delicious as it has a wonderfully weighty quality, making it all the more appealing with that chunky, silver ball at the end of the stem, giving the Ladle great balance – just delightful!

Warm buttery toast or crumpets, slathered with honey – mmmmmmm! (My mouth is watering already!) We prefer honey to golden or maple syrup on our pikelets, pancakes and waffles. What about you, what do you like?

Have you ever wondered why bears like honey? They’re basically carnivores, right?    Yes, and they’re very smart, (just like us,) and they know what’s good for them and tasty too – Honey! Apart for the delicious taste, bears eat honey to build up their reserves to survive their long winter hibernation….. the benefits of honey are immense and there are so many different types to choose from! Which brings me right back to where I started – Honey! Go ahead, check out the huge variety available from all over the world: clear, thick, set, with the herb or flower flavours, with the honey-comb or without, with medicinal properties or just plain tasty and flavourful!

Treat a friend, Mum and Dad, your Aunty or Gran to a lovely Honey Spoon or Honey Ladle matched by a beautiful Honey Pot – go on, spoil someone, or yourself, visit here. You know you’re worth it!


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