The Twelve Days of Christmas – with a twist!

Happy New Year!
In the spirit of bonhomie and as the 12 days of Christmas are just over (only just!), I thought I’d send our ditty out to all of you out there, for a little chuckle ~ here’s Tiffinware’s take on The Twelve Days of Christmas. We hope you enjoy it and have a great 2013
On the twelfth day of Christmas
My true love gave to me…….
Twelve diners dining
Festive Christmas table setting
Eleven grannies griping
grannies griping Ten Lairds a-leading
Lairds a-leading
Nine ladles prancing
 Ladles prancing! Eight bells-a-ringing (in my head!!)
eight bells a-ringing Seven swains a-swooning
Seven swooning swains
Six girlies swaying,
Five cooling gins
Five cooling gins Four calling cards
Four Calling Cards
Three French pens
Three French Pens
Two pairs of gloves
Two pairs of gloves
And a hangover remedy
A hangover remedy
We hope you have enjoyed our prose…. and have a great year,
best wishes from the Tiffinware Team.

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