‘Lunchbox’ wins Grand Rail d’Or – read all about it!

If you were lucky enough to be invited to Cannes for the Film Festival, you’ll already know what I’m talking about – if not the film ‘Lunchbox’ bagged the Critics Week Viewers Choice Award.

You can bag your own Tiffin or Lunch Box from Tiffinware right now!

The film centres around a wrongly delivered lunchbox ( Dabba) igniting a secret romance between an unhappy housewife and a soon-to-retire government official.

Tiffin or Lunch Box, stainless steel and enamel

These Tiffin or Lunch Boxes are stainless steel which has been enamelled; a fabulous way to take your packed lunch to work. Great for kids and adults too.

Tiffin carriers or dabbas are a kind of lunch box used widely in India for tiffin, which is usually the midday meal. The sections of the tiffin box clip together on either side allowing you to seal in the food, keep it warm or cold and separate. No danger of flavours spoiling with seepage as each layer is separate.

In the Indian city of Mumbai there is a complex and efficient, yet low-tech system of delivery workers, ‘Dabba Wallahs’ translated literally into ‘those who deliver lunches packed in dabbas’ to city office-workers from their suburban homes through an amazingly complex delivery system. The boxes are collected in the afternoon and returned to their residence for re-use the next day – eco-friendly, waste-free, a fabulous way to eat home cooked food at work.

The Daaba Wallahs know each tiffin box, each residence, each office and recipient. So efficient is this system that sometimes important documents are also fast-tracked to offices or homes. The most amazing part is that there is no written system, paperwork or records, its all committed to memory, with hardly no errors! I can’t even remember why I walked into the next room!

We at Tiffinware will have our fabulously colourful Tiffin Boxes in stock next week – a utilitarian item with a wonderful modern twist. If you haven’t bought a gift for Father’s Day – this is a great gift idea, especially as Dad will be reminded of you daily at lunch! Actually, that might be a bit scary if you’re already in trouble!

If you can’t wait to buy our lunch box you could reserve one now to avoid disappointment, please contact us. They will be available from 1st June, just in time for summer lunches in the park. A great way to enjoy the outdoors and no litter!

Tell us what you think of our Tiffins, or if you’ve been lucky enough to see the film ‘Lunchbox’, tell us all about that, we weren’t at Cannes! Be the first to comment.