The Moon in a Spoon – yes!

Yes, the Moon is in a Spoon designed and made by Tiffinware! Don’t believe me? Take a look at these Salad Servers – can you see it now?

Silver plated Salad Servers, handmade, beaded; great gift ideas and tableware

Pink and Green Beaded Salad Servers, silver-plated, handmade, in beautiful spring colours. Actually its a Moon in a Spoon and Fork!

My name means moon rays! My father was a scientist who wrote Urdu poetry in his “spare” time, which realistically were snatched moments here and there, but he was prolific and my fondest memories are of him sitting surrounded by his books and plants, scribbling away on any paper he could find. He would use up our old school note books, re-cycle leaflets that came into the house, notices, slip pads, whatever was at hand and he had this way of folding a page in to quarters, to ensure every scrap of space was utilised. I was really reminded of him at the theatre. We went to see “Proof” at The Meunier Chocolate Factory, a real one, yes! Amazing building, but no chocolate… sorry, digressing again! The play was very well produced, directed and acted –  highly recommend it, about a scientist who seemed to be researching, making notes furiously all the time, working on his latest theory. It brought back many lovely memories of my dear old Dad. Wonderful to be so passionate, time does not stand in your way, you just keep going.

Once in a while I’d go to the University for a lift home. The notes on his blackboard would make me dizzy just trying to read them! He would use up every inch of space. He  would start in the middle of the board, then he’d go back and fill the sides, then top and often write in circles all around the edges, in thought bubbles, veering off into corners, amazing and the students loved him, and it all made sense to them! I guess that’s the sign of a great teacher? I wish I had thought to take photos!

Sorry, (digressing again) my father with poetry in his heart, names us with words describing the different, beautiful beams of light – “shamma” – light, “kirna” – the sun’s rays and “rishma” – moon rays. People still don’t get/understand my name, even those that know me, and know my name, continue to think its Resham, Rishab or Rashmi, which is a more commonplace and very irritating!  My name Risham is still quite unusual, (I only know one other whose parents decided to copy after meeting me!) If you google my name, you will find are a few more and some are artists – it is all in the name eh?

Hence the symbolism of the moon, the crescent moon, the full moon, have always been of great interest, and often stars are symbolised and featured in my work frequently. And here you have a Moon in a Spoon (and Fork) I rather like the turn of phrase – catchy eh?!

The Tiffinware Salad Servers, now mark 5, are inspired by the full and crescent moon – can you see it now?!

Beaded Salad Servers, silver plated, hand made; candy pink and lilac

“Stunning and Sophisticated” Salad Servers, hand-made, tableware.

Silver plate, beaded, silver plate Salad Servers; perfect gifts and table accessories

These  Salad Servers are perfect for making a style statement when entertaining.

Salad Servers; tableware and Gift ideas from

Christmas red and green beaded Salad Servers, hand made, silver plate, fabulous for jazzing up your Christmas table.

This Salad Server design was included in the 10 best Salad Servers in a survey by Kate Hilpern of the Independent, we’re no 9, I don’t know if that’s significant!

Do you like the design? Does the organic shape please?  I’d love some feedback, and you never know, one of you lucky people out there, with the most charming reply, might win a fine pair of Salad ServersGo on put your mind to it, you have nothing to lose, and something rather nice to gain?! You might be the One? Be the first to comment……


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