Masala Chai features Tiffinware at Harvey Nichols Riyadh

I’m so honoured, Tiffinware was chosen out of all the thousands of Indian designers to feature in the 2014 Ramadan Caravan from India to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Here’s an introduction from Vogue India

“Eighty Indian fashion designers and lifestyle labels are headed to the Harvey Nichols store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia a two month-long pop-up shop.

Organised by writer and filmmaker Mozez Singh and creative consultant Anita Horam in association with Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud, CEO of ALFA International (which runs Riyadh’s Harvey Nichols), the event — Caravan 2014 — starts on June 15 and coincides with the popular Ramadan shopping season. This is the first time the city is hosting such an event on this scale.”

Here’s a nice blog post by Pavitra Mohan who found Tiffinware and invited us to join the gang for the Ramadan Caravan 2014 at Harvey Nichols Riyadh.

Colourful, enamelled Homeware

Enamelled Tableware and Home Accessories; great gift ideas

“THE CARAVAN at HARVEY NICHOLS (part 1)BLOGPost by Pavitra Mohan

Last year, around this time , I received a phone call to curate the ‘Urban Contemporary‘ segment of an Indian themed  (The Caravan) festival that luxury store Harvey Nichols, Riyadh, was to host.

It was such a rush to be asked to associate with a brand like Harvey Nichols as they have the world’s most prestigious brands under their roof.

The process took a while , as the exhibition was in Saudi Arabia, that meant a lot of restrictions and limitations on to what could be displayed.

The Urban contemporary segment was essentially emerging and upcoming , fashion, accessory and home decor brands.

Tiffin Box, tin, carrier, packed lunches, picnic, camping

Lunch or Tiffin Box, also known as a Tiffin Carrier, Tiffin Tin or just a Tiffin

While in my experience with MASALA CHAI, I’ve come across 100’s of independent brands, it was a challenge to curate something for the Arab market , which had to be contemporary but also have a very distinct Indian flavour to them. And let’s not forget, it was at Harvey Nichols in Riyadh, so a touch of luxe was essential too.

Aesthetically , they had to have a crossover appeal to the expats and Indian diaspora of Riyadh , as well as appeal to the local arabs. No products with images of people, dogs or pigs were allowed. So on and so forth.

Spice Tin, Treasure Chest, Masala Dabba

Stainless steel, Spice Storage Tin or ‘Masala Dabba,’ traditional tin for storing spices

Contacting and communicating with over 40 brands was whittled down to 25 brands and further edited to 10 brands, that met all their requirements .

I present to you the final cut in three parts , according to categories.

In home decor we first have  Tiffinware: they grew from a small set of silver condiment spoons embellished with semi-precious stones designed for the V&A Museum Shop . I love Risham Chawla’s wonderfully colourful pieces.”

Spice Tin, Treasure Chest, Masala Dabba

Stainless steel, Spice Storage Tin or ‘Masala Dabba,’ traditional tin for storing spices

It was such a great experience, thank you Mohawk Media and Masala Chai.