I am British of Indian ethnicity, and have been travelling ever since I can remember …….  my earliest memories are of giant plants and massive, colourful flowers; we lived in the botanical gardens in Poona where my father was Director. From India we moved to Nigeria, then Ghana; again wonderful greenery – the bush! Those early images are themes which permeate through my work – large, exhuberant and colourful!

Schooling in Liverpool, on to  Art & Design near East Ham! I’m the only artist from an otherwsie highly academic family – the square peg, still trying to fit in.

Moving back to India was a turning point, I had no plan, just meandered through the forests waiting for the next frond to ‘thwak’ me in the face! Nature really inspires me and I think our lives are not nearly as colourful as Nature intended.

Wandering through markets I still marvel at the noise, the colours, everything coming at you from all sides.

I love to design jewellery for beautiful women who sometimes don’t have the confidence to be dramatic; then love their pieces. I moved on to scarves, glass and many moons later ‘Tiffinware’ was born out of two projects – silver, semi-precious stone condiment spoons for the V&A and my search for a quirky wrought iron table, inter-woven with marbles. I thought it would be fun to have cutlery like that!

The name?  “Tiffin” originally provincial English, introduced into India, referring to a slight repast between breakfast and dinner, cutlery for tiffin-time!

I have three amazing children, a wonderful husband who just sit back and watch my antics, as I wade through the washing, cooking, take photographs, read, enjoy my garden, searching for the things I lose along the way! Oh! And I love to travel …….

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