Are you panicking yet? Or is it Merry Christmas to me?!

As is usual around now, people are panicking about gifts they haven’t had time to think about or worse still, completely forgotten….no present for those special people that light up your life all year?! What a gaff? What to do? Last minute panic!

Christmas Gift box w red brder

I’ve been down several routes in my time; there’s the panic buy which will go disastrously wrong unless you part with lots and lots of money, or know the recipient sooooo well, that it will be perfect! Usually a one in a million certainty and if you’re a man, man up and admit you forgot whilst handing over embarrassingly huge amounts of money!

Then there’s the DIY, well-thought-through route, you decide months in advance – ‘I’ll make them all gifts, and they’ll see how much I love/cherish them’ syndrome, repeating to yourself ” It is the thought that counts, I’m sure they’ll love them!” Then you think, was that my wallet squeaking from overuse? Great in theory, but could be a total disaster in reality, I speak from experience! You take so much care and the recipient looks blank or worse, says something like ” What is it?” Or “Oh yes, I really need one of these?” meaning ‘ what the h*** is it?’ There have been a few great responses; when the kids bake cookies or cakes for their grandparents, and they all ‘Ahh!’ and ‘Ohhh!’ over the goodies. Except of course, the time you bake a gift as there was no time for the your children to do the baking, and the resulting response is humiliating, as Granny thought the kids had made them – ‘Oh, never mind darling, it tastes delicious……!!

Done the knitting, embroidery, grow a plant, oh yes! Done them all.

I read about a new trend today in the Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet and I love the idea, I welcome and embrace it – why haven’t we done this before? “There’s no shame in the epidemic of self-gifting.” I agree, none, whatsoever – lets do it?! “Merry Christmas to me!” –  I love it

“The latest step in the evolution of our burgeoning culture of narcissism? Yes. But you don’t have to be Scrooge to realize that self-gifting makes both psychological and economic sense—especially given what Americans have endured in recent years.” I would add all of us here, not just Americans…

“Shopping for others involves a certain amount of guesswork, and some of those guesses turn out to be wrong—with negative financial consequences.” You see, these problems are faced by others too, and we agree, the safest and most sensible course of action would be to sacrifice and buy your gifts for yourself – Ha! Better that, than the effort of returning an offending gift during the holidays and facing the hordes out there bargain hunting during the sales, while you try to explain it was a full-price Christmas Present! “Returns induce guilt and raise the specter of uncomfortable conversations about what happened to that giant striped sweater. But more significant, returns are bad for the environment. They lead to more trips to the mall, higher shipping costs, and the unnecessary use of packaging materials.” – You see, even the environment wouldn’t suffer if we all self-gifted?

Are we agreed then? – Before the next occasion that requires a gift, proclaim loudly that you will make the ultimate sacrifice, and go and shop for your own gift – go on you know you want to?!

New year resolution – deal?