Personalised and ‘With a Twist!’

I am very excited to announce the launch of our fabulous new collection: Inox  – ‘With a Twist’

Stainless steel cutlery and gifts, hand made with beads

Building on our reputation of innovative design, incorporating the strength and quality of stainless steel, our 2012 ‘With a Twist’ range is just as quirky as our old favourites, with a perfect balance of functionality and whimsical fun!

In case you were wondering about the name – *Inox, its from the French “inoxydable” (stainless) steel, which was first recognised as an appropriate alloy for cutlery in France in 1821. Stainless steel is durable, does not rust, corrode or stain. Our ‘With a Twist’ products are made from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel, making our Inox Collection both stylish and hardwearing and easy-care as stainless steel retains its bright sheen.

So I proudly introduce the The Tiffinware Inox – ‘With a Twist’ collection 2012

Unique, stainless steel Cake Server, hand made with glass beads

The ‘With a Twist’ Collection comprises of a serving cutlery; Cake Server, Salad Servers, Serving Spoon, Cake and Cheese Knives as well as table accessories.

Stainless steel Cake Servers from the ‘With a Twist’ 2012 Collection

I love our new range, having had lots of fun conceptualising the design and seeing the pieces through to creation. Did you know that each Tiffinware products go through up to 24 processes before we can thread the beads on for you?

The range consists of Cake Servers as seen above, which team up nicely with the Cake Knives, perfect for serving yummy Christmas or your special day – wedding cake.

Customise your Wedding Cake Knife to match your cake or the bride's colour theme

Customise your Wedding Cake Knife to match your wedding theme.

You can cut your cake and eat it too –  ‘With a Twist’ Cake Knife !!

I think you can never have enough spoons, and our super new Inox Serving Spoons have a lovely, generous and wide spatula-like bowl and are perfect for serving fish, rice, lasagne, pies, whoever you fancy.

Personalise your gifts with interchangeable glass beaded Serving Spoons

Now you can easily personalise all your gifts with interchangeable glass beaded Serving Spoons, handmade, stainless steel.

Do you remember a game we used to play as children, with a folded square of paper, lovingly coloured in (am I showing my age!?) – Dibby, dibby, dob? You could open and close differently coloured sections, sometimes with questions written inside, then you’d ask, ‘What colour do you want?’ With most Tiffinware products’ unique ability to change the beads,  you can play ‘Dibby, dibby dob’ with them everyday! Just buy a couple of extra sets of beads and change the look of your spoons or servers to whichever ‘colour you want’ any time you like – such fun!!

Servers are always extremely popular and our Salad Servers ‘With a Twist’  are no exception; you can’t go wrong with these, if you’re still looking for Christmas Gifts.

The Cheese Knife seen here on our gorgeous hand made, hammer finish Platter or Tray, is the perfect gift for the cheese lover and those who love to entertain; an amazing cheese board, when teamed up the Cheese Knife.

Stainless steel Cheese Knife and hammer finish Platter, Tray or Cheese Board

Stainless steel Cheese Knife on the hammer finish Platter, Tray or Cheese Board; make fabulous Christmas or wedding gifts

The hand hammered Tray or Platter  is oven to table (it will be very hot, so please be extremely careful when its straight out of the oven!! ) allowing you the flexibility to serve canapés hot or cold without that last minute flap of re-arranging the food onto beautiful serving platters; be it salmon en croute, a delicate filo pastry pie or baked Alaska, serve with a festive flourish.

Shown here from above, so you can see the wonderful hand worked hammer finish.

Fabulous multi-purpose Tray, Platter or Cheese Board

Fabulous multi-purpose Tray, Platter or Cheese Board

Hand crafted large hammer finish Tray or Platter

and the side view of this beautiful, lovingly hand crafted Platter and Tray.

Hammer finish Tray, Platter seen here with the Cake Server and Cake Knife

Hammer finish Tray, Platter seen here with the Cake Server and Cake Knife in Christmassy Beads

Sorry couldn’t resist showing the Platter off in its full glory with the Cake Server and Knife. I can’t wait to serve our Christmas Cake on mine!

And last but not least the fabulously majestic hammer finish Jugmore beautiful now with a wider, comfortable handle. The perfect accessory for a Bar, al-fresco dining or an elegant dinner at home.

The greatest advantage to buying Tiffinware gifts, your purchase will arrive looking gift wrapped and more gorgeous in real life! Why you ask? Because each Tiffinware piece is designed with bespoke packaging  saving you time, energy and thought in those crucial last moments before you dash out of the door to your Christmas party, and slap your forehead when you remember, ‘Oh no!! The gift wrapping!’ And……we do not charge extra for our gift presentation packaging!

Packaging, gift wrapping and presentation

Go on, get planning and order your Christmas Gifts from our ‘With a Twist’ Collection today …. We do recommend, however, getting your orders in sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment later on!! Happy browsing!

We’d love to hear what you think of our new work…….be the first to comment!