From inspiration through to ‘The Product’ process

When asked what inspires me ….. I’m usually stumped! I have no idea –  ‘Inspiration’ just comes!  Lights in a storm, a necessity you end up designing as, if you can’t find it, others might be looking for the very same thing, a wisp of an idea that preys on your mind till you get it down on paper? I don’t know, everything everywhere! As my husband says, how you have 500 photographs of the sky and only one of a person?! Well, that’s what interests me, the light through the clouds, as its falls on leaves. The effect of the rain….back to lights in a storm! Not a botanist’s daughter for nothing!!

Eucalyptus tree

The natural beauty in Australia was amazing, I did take thousands of photographs, here’s one of the colours of the bark of eucalyptus trees.

A year or so later I designed these scarves, reminiscent of the Australian Eucalyptus Tree bark, they were very appropriate for a Leonardo da Vinci Machines exhibition a few years ago, as they were just the right colour combination. So who knows, what ends up where, and why?

Eucalyptus bark  inspired scarf

You never know when or where inspiration will strike, often when you least expect it

The other day as I went out, the heavens opened. I stood under a tree impatiently waiting for the cloud-burst to cease, till I looked down and this is what I saw….

Leaves in a storm

Leaves in a storm – you would be hard pressed to stage this!

Textile designs are easier to process into a product for me, as its what I was taught. Certainly not as daunting as the first silverware design, which alas, is no longer part of the Tiffinware Collection – it was an oval teaspoon. I thought long and hard about balance, as the beads are heavy and of course would tip the spoon out of a bowl if you weren’t careful!

Unique and different baby, christening gift, silver Tea Spoon with glass beads

The perfect Gift for those who are ‘born with a silver spoon’

When my prototype arrived it was wonderful everything was just right, I quickly threaded the beads on and stood back to admire it……  that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a  long journey and ……..  we always come back to spoons!

Silver plate Teaspoon, beaded, can be personalised

Oval teaspoons – transported into a kaleidoscope of colours. Which colour do you want?

What inspires you?