Beautiful Beaded Bishop’s Hats and Crowns!

I worked with the Victoria and Albert Museum Shop for over 12 years and had a real blast! It was incredible to me that after visiting that ‘Muse’ for years from college, scouring their archives for inspiration from their amazing collection of textiles that here I was, doing what I love most – designing items related to their exhibitions for sale in their shop – wow!

This little nugget, this jewel in my crown was the combination of a commission for the V&A’s Gothic Exhibition, [ egg cosies, slippers and stockings – think Christmas ] with a wild fantasy of mine, an Egg Cup with a glass bead, and, if I may be so bold, I think it worked! I then added a spoon, one does need a spoon for boiled eggs eh? Bit messy without, and don’t forget the ‘soldiers.’

Silver plate Egg Cup and Spoon with an embroidered and beaded Egg Cosy

Egg Cup and Spoon with a embroidered Egg Cosy

A beaded Egg Cup with a matching spoon, cool! ‘Crown’ (sorry, couldn’t resist that!) it with this incredible beaded and embroidered satin silk Egg Cosy!! [Do people still eat boiled eggs, you ask? ]  Yes!

But better than that, is the fact that you can buy this fabulous set as a present for just about anyone, for any occasion – a new Baby Gift, a child’s Birthday, Christmas presents for all the nieces and nephews who are so difficult to fathom, your Dad’s retirement present, Graduation gift, His and Hers Wedding Anniversary Gifts, Christmas Day Breakfast for your Man, something interesting for Nana…….the list is endless.

The best one, by far was a present for a friend’s sister who had been ‘promoted’ to the “cloth!” I kid you not!!

Yes – The Perfect Present for those who have everything, and the impossible ones too!!