Christmas in July!

You may be wondering whether I’m sitting in the Blue Mountains, sipping gluhwien and dreaming of a white Christmas, or perhaps finally just lost it? No, the ‘Christmas in July’ phenomena is very pertinent to press cycles and extremely important if you want that new product in the biggies. Magazine media, as we all learnt in The Devil Wears Prada, work so far ahead that its hard to get into the mood – classic example, Christmas in July.

Chtistmas table gifts, unusual Xmas gift ideas

Photoshoot for Christmas gifts

If you’re in my line of work, it means that in October of the previous year, you start ‘ideating’ (- ridiculous word!). Ideating….. leads to thinking, doodling, scribbling, more thinking and finally maybe, a working drawing, which is then discussed at length with the ‘master’ artisan who will make the mould – as is the case with Tiffinware products. ‘Master’ as in the most talented pattern caster. Did you know each item goes through approximately 12 processes prior to the final polishing and buffing, and then we thread on the beads of your choice and parcel up to post to you! So probably 16 processes! (That’s for another blog-post for those interested.)

At this time of year, our thoughts are firmly fixated on the festive season, sending photos to press, hoping something twinkly catches their magpie eyes at Christmas-time, giving us that lovely warm, cherished glow – somebody likes my work 🙂

For you though, Christmas must seem a long way away as you’re preparing for a longed for summer holiday, hoping for sun, sea and relaxation?

Christmas goodies beckon – will say ta-ta for now!