A red-letter-day and a baby gift dilemma.

Yesterday was a red-letter-day for our family: our first grand-neice was christened. Officially in the Indian context (I know the previous sentence and this one, running together don’t make much sense – we are a multi-cultural family; Christian; Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, several Sikhs, some atheists, the odd agnostic, but I digress…this is not about religion, its about baby gift dilemmas ) I am a grandma, although its my nephew’s baby, I’m quite happy to be included! All the stories about grandparents going gaga over their grand-children are true; my sane, high powered, sensible sister, becomes a ridiculous, cooing, crooning silly and actually so do I!!

The birth of a baby is a great celebratory occasion and gift giving is expected. Therein lies most people’s dilemma. Where does one find a unique, different baby gift, that is useful, delightful and be a great remembrance for the baby? That got me thinking, about Tiffinware’s collection of baby gifts and why they are considered as such.

Us old fashioned folks are always concerned about things being practical, not a waste of money, long lasting, etc!! With that premise in mind, at Tiffinware, we design products that are not only functional, but fun; bring a smile over a treasured gift and should be useful too!

We were very sad we couldn’t attend the Christening and began discussing our gift options…… these are:

Silver plated, beaded egg cup and spoon set, baby gift ideas

A traditional baby gift; silver plate Egg Cup and Spoon Set, with interchangeable glass beads. Personalise your gift, and make it a perfect present for a new born. A traditional Egg Cup and Spoon Set with our Tiffinware twist

An Egg Cup with a matching Egg Cosy, to keep your boiled egg warm and yummy! “Does she eat boiled eggs?” my husband asked. ” Well not yet, she’s too young, but she will, and it will be useful then.” I replied.

Silver plate, IceCream Cone and long handled IceCream Spoon Set with interchangeable glass beads

Just imagine your own luscious, personal, Ice Cream Cone and Spoon for delicious ice cream celebrations!

An Ice Cream Cone and Spoon Set, customised for your ice cream eating delight. He added “Can you make them up in pink? She looks so cute in pink.” “Yes, of course we can!”

Ideal Baby, Christening Gift ideas; hammer finish, silver plate.

Hammer finish Christening Cup, a great baby gift idea for a perfect present, packaged in its own special pouch.

A new addition (pun intended!) to the range, a beautiful hammer finish Christening Cup, serves as a (unbreakable) water glass while they are young and a small whisky tumbler when older, or a little posy holder? “I haven’t seen that yet, is it nice?” “YES!”

Unique and different baby, christening gift, silver Tea Spoon with glass beads

The perfect Baby Gift for those who are ‘born with a silver spoon’

Unique, original, silver plate Tea Spoon, the perfect baby gift

Part of the Tiffinware Signature Collection, the Round Teaspoon is silver plated and beaded with interchangeable glass beads allowing you to have your gift personalised for the recipient.


The proverbial Silver Spoon – a very traditional baby christening gift; we have two designs, an oval teaspoon 




and the ‘Signature’ Tiffinware round teaspoon.

Both spoons have the Tiffinware personalised twist of interchangeable glass beads, allowing you to personalise your baby gift. Just look at all the colour options and you will be spoilt for choice! “They both sound too obvious, any others?” he said. “Yes!”

We have two other Baby Gift spoon options:

Multipurpose long handled spoon, ideal for Ice Cream, Iced Coffee, serving jam, chutney or as a cocktail swizzle stick.

Long handled silver plate spoon, ideal for yummy Ice Cream, serving jam, chutney or as an iced coffee or cocktail swizzle stick!

Baby gift ideas: silver plate spoon with interchangeable glass beads

All our spoons have interchangeable glass beads and can be customised for the recipient.


A long handled, multi-purpose, versatile silver plate spoon suitable for ice cream, iced coffee, serving jams or chutneys, and extremely useful for stirring cocktails in later life! A different, yet elegant and ‘useful’ Christening Gift! “How much ice-cream can a person eat?” Should I tell him?!!




And these cute little spoons, useful for baby’s first meal. “I like these, all those colours. Shall we give her all 6?” What can I say? “If you like?”

Honey Spoon, silver plate, beaded for serving honey

This Honey Spoon’s  ‘Wiggly Stem’ allows you to hook the spoon on to the rim of a jar or pot so the honey doesn’t drip and make a sticky mess!

A ‘Wiggly stem’ Honey Spoon, another unusual choice you might say, but a Silver Spoon nonetheless, and for serving delicious honey on buttery, warm toast – hmmmm, perfect! We think this is a great option to the more usual Teaspoon Baby Gift. “Oh yes, honey is so good for babies, actually everyone, great medicinal properties – we should definitely give her one of these. Doesn’t it have a jar or pot for honey?” he asked. “Yes, of course it does, we have one and use it almost every morning!”

I’m sure you’re longing to know which one we’re opting for?

After much discussion, she’s going to get them all, talk about ‘born with a silver spoon!’ She’s going to get the whole canteen and sideboard too!

The Honey Spoon hooks on to the Honey pot to avoid messy drips.

You can see how the Honey Spoon hooks on to the Honey Pot to avoid messy drips.

In case you were wondering, here’s how the Honey Spoon ‘hooks’ on to a jar or pot of honey or jam, with that we bid you a ‘sweet’ farewell for now and hope you enjoyed a look at our baby gift ideas? If you visit the page, you’ll see our baby!