Holi the Festival of Colour – Rang! Paint your friends red!

Colour, holi festival, India

Have you ever seen anything like it? A free pass to paint the town red!

Every year in India spring is heralded by this amazing festival where everyone takes to the streets and plays ‘Holi’ with whoever they meet out there – friends, neighbours, strangers…..anyone and generally its great fun. You can play ‘wet’ holi as you see in the photograph above,

Sacks full of Holi colours

or dry holi which is ‘meant’ to be a tamer version till some mischievous person gets out his water pistol and douses everyone in sight…..

Paint the townspeople red!

As with all these events food plays a great part, which I’ll save for another day, and it’s customary to drink ‘bhang,’ – an intoxicating drink prepared from the leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plant, a traditional beverage at Holi – how can you not have fun?

Most festivals in India are either rooted in religion, seasonal ones to do with thanks for a good harvest or good vs evil. Holi tells the tale of Holika, a demon(ess) who tried to kill the son of a demon king – good triumphs evil and Holika is consumed by flames; the ashes are represented by the powdered colours, splashed everywhere as everyone rejoices. Holi encompasses Halloween, Bonfire Night and probably several other fetes and celebrations from around the world, can anyone tell us more? At Holi the celebrations end with everyone covered in hues of every colour, soaking wet, often intoxicated and very happy!

Holi, The Festival of Colors, India

Isn’t this just fabulous? Many countries around the world now play Holi – I wonder if they know what it means?

We at Tiffinware have our own Colour Festival and here’s our latest product – a sneak peak at the newbie on our block – Enamelled Coffee Mugs.

Mugs, coffee, tea, colours, stainless steel, hot drinks, chocolate

Coffee and Tea a special part of everyone’s day, we thought its would be fun to have some fabulously coloured Mugs.

We had a trial run at a coffee morning recently, and are so happy everyone loved the product, we hope to launch in a few weeks. Some of the questions asked were about the capacity of the mugs – they are the perfect size for the new capsule coffee machines, and fit neatly under the spout.

Here are some of the comments from our testers –

“Thank you. They are perfectly sized for a Nespresso Lungo and Espresso.”

“We certainly do love these cups and they make coffee and tea drinking so much more beautiful and enjoyable!”

“They are fabulous – this way you can’t mix your cups up, as long as you remember which colour you chose!”

Let us know what you think, you know we love hearing from you.

We will be running another competition when our new lines are launched, if you would like to be informed and participate, sign up for our newsletter www.tiffinware.com/contact-us

Happy Holi Everyone!

These images are from web searches and some from the photographer Lloyd Young.