Place your bets – pink or blue?

Are you joining the rest of the ‘modern’ world’s speculations – wondering, guessing or betting on the sex of the next heir to the British crown?

This very critical answer filters down to the mass market of souvenirs and baby gifts, to make or break it, do they need pink or blue?

Feels rather surreal blogging about this as I’m sitting in water-logged Delhi, where there’s finally been a good downpour, resulting in a 3 hour power cut so far! I have retreated to the safety of my relatively cool bedroom, perched on my bed, hoping the fan will continue to swirl cool air around me until the power comes back!

This makes us at Tiffinware, very clever, as our beaded cutlery has interchangeable glass beads! Nothing could be easier – just a quick twist and voila, your customised product, fit for a future King or Queen – blue or pink!

silver plate Egg Cup, Cosy and Spoon - perfect baby gift

Turquose Blue fit for a King! Our silver plated Egg Cup and Spoon with a matching beaded and embroidered Egg Cosy – a perfect new baby gift

Pretty Pink silver-plate Egg Cup with matching Spoon, seen her with a hammer finish Christening Cup.

There are mentions in the press, blogs, newsletters, everywhere you look, so we thought we’d join the bandwagon and say our piece – why not eh? And what do you say – blue or pink?

If you can’t decide, visit our website and choose your bead colours from our selection in green or red or any colour not attached to a particular gender, just to be safe!

Visit us at Tiffinware, you’ll be spoilt for choice, we promise!