Let’s talk kimonos

Yet again, guilty as charged. We are having such a blast discovering and exploring Japan, that although I think of you all, and fully intend to share my fave moments with you…yes, correct, the days slip by…
But here I am, with some very special moments for you.

My kimono moments.
I live in India, so am used to seeing women in elegant national dress every day. To see a woman in the street wearing a sari is, for us, an everyday occurrence.
But to see Japanese ladies in their beautiful kimonos – well, that is quite a different thing altogether.

To see a kimono is such a thrill.

Here, just take a look.


How fabulous are these young girls (below)?  Truly gorgeous.


Floral motifs are definitely a favourite.


It is just SO much fun to experience such aimless moments in the midst of super-busy, hectically busy cities like Tokyo and Kyoto.

Love it.