Europe is closed – bonne vacances!

I think its marvellous that everyone shuts up shop and pops off for their holidays, at least you know where you are – as long as you’re in the ‘know!’

Gay Paris!

No marks for guessing where this is!

My husband and I decided to spend a few days in Paris, and were looking forward to some very necessary R&R. We checked into this fabulous old hotel and were really enjoying the peaceful days and gastronomical treats. Our concierge recommended a nearby restaurant and we were rather skeptical as it was tiny and not terribly appealing or friendly initially. We had dinner there on our first night as we were too tired to venture further afield and thought as it was recommended it must be good. We enjoyed the meal so much that we decided we’d go again before we left. We tried to reserve a table, but the maître d’ looked very solemn and said, ‘Not possible!’ We were confused – but why? We close for the month of August! And that was that!

That’s not how it is all over Europe anymore is it?  The genteel charm of days of days gone by has disappeared, what was it again? – you don’t wear white shoes after Labour Day which is in September in the US and in Europe? I should look up Debrette’s!!

We did drop into the George V, and saw the strangest sight – bizarre! Orchids living on air!

Orchids growing in the air

Let’s go back to summer holidays eh? You can always find a shop or restaurant (probably a caf’ – remember them?) open, serving the great British Breakfast fried up all day? Well although the transport caff has almost disappeared, now its OK, or rather quite fashionable for genteel folk to eat breakfast for lunch. It was great that our corner shop was always open and the local caff – where we saw this amazing wall…Cockerels…

All shapes, sizes and colours!

All shapes, sizes and colours!

Another shop that was always open – a very famous glace and sorbet shop that we didn’t know anything about till we were leaving – missing those uneaten lollies!World famous ice cream!

As I said at least you know where you are in Europe, in most parts of the world now, even on official bank holidays when every shop, office, enterprise, factory, craftsman’s workshop should be shut for business, they are often open, and there are the malls – almost a four letter word to me! How I dislike them for killing off local enterprise (sorry! another post!). The same chain stores from Europe, America, Asia, have destroyed the unique experience you could only have in countries you visited, all that has disappeared – you can even buy Krispy Kreme in Delhi now – sacre bleu!

Notre Dame at twilight

Back to my point – after the initial shock – I think the Eurpoeans have got the right idea. I hope you get away from it all and have a Bonne Vacances! I think we’ll go back to France for a rest, and celebrate holidays.