Movember ‘tache’s and tiffinware

Hello everyone! Hope the ‘tashe’s are well underway this Movember, or have you tried wearing one dress for one month? We only recently discovered a new trend for girl’s to join in this month by wearing one dress, accessorised fabulously every day – ouch! We think it’s such an amazing way to raise money for charity, and a particularly difficult one for all you fashionista’s out there. Are any of our readers doing either of these? We might have a prize in store for the most eccentric ‘tashe or the best accessorising!

We wanted to take this opportunity to raise awareness of the charities that we at Tiffinware are proud to support. Every day we come across suffering, read stories of human rights abuses, and terrible hardship. We are trying to find ways to alleviate this in any way.

The Shelter

Progetto_India_home_pageInspired and influenced by their previous experiences as volunteers in Mother Teresa’s homes, Sandra and Saji started their life together and wanted to do something for homeless children. They were inspired by a desire to work together for the vulnerable, and to understand their lives, motivations, and fears, and help to change them for the better. By the end of 2005, they moved into The Shelter with their first baby!

Now 19 children, despite their painful background, have settled in well. Most attend reputable local schools with good results, are in excellent health and full of the joys of life in their home.

For the past 2 years we have supported The Shelter, with donations towards the children’s school fees, minor maintenance and repairs – every little helps!

The Support FoundationImage

A non-profit organisation working for a cause which needs tremendous efforts here in India, The Support Foundations works to tackle the stigma surrounding mental and physical disabilities, and bridge that gap in order to bring differently abled people in the mainstream. They raise awareness, fight embedded discrimination and enable people to become self-sufficient and live their lives in dignity.

The next time you buy a product from our Enamel range, it will be packaged in these fabulous new bags, pictured. We’re very excited because they’ve been made by the most amazing children from the Foundation, who believe no one should be treated differently. When you buy from the enamelled Tiffinware range, you will have supported the Foundation, and given these kids a great sense of worth and achievement.

The Sambhali Trust

ImageOur efforts have always been to help those less fortunate and we are very excited to support the Sambhali Trust this year, a non-profit charitable organisation in Rajasthan, India, working for women’s and girls’ empowerment.

A percentage of each purchase made on our website goes towards supporting the Sambhali Trust, who help over 350 women and children, particularly those of the Dalit (the lowest, untouchable) caste.  There are 13 projects providing vocational training, literacy, self-help groups and income-generating programmes as well as one that sponsors 20 children to live in a boarding home enabling them to receive a good education.

Our donations are for stationery supplies & craft materials. 20 sets of clothes are needed continuously by the girls at the boarding home, plus donations to help purchase a goat, cow or start up a small business in the Sheerni Self-Help Group Project.

A percentage of all our online sales from the Tiffinware website will go to the Trust, and so every time you make a purchase on the website, you will be helping to empower women and girls. We believe that the education of girls provides the building blocks for a fairer, safer, and more open society.

So, keep us in mind as you come up to your Christmas shopping, and remember that everything you buy gives a little something to a young girl in need!