Celebrating Father’s Day, or should it be Fathering Sunday?

Ever wondered where the concept of Father’s Day comes from, or why its not called Fathering Day? Well I did and I found out all sorts of interesting things, so here goes….

Father’s Day celebrations were the creation of Sonora Smart Dodd in 1909 in the US, to honour fathers, as well as mothers. (She clearly felt mothers had a monopoly!) Sonora’s mother had died during the birth of her sixth child, the last of five sons. Single parenthood is, and was, no easy task, and it is believed Mr. Smart did a wonderful job, Sonoma, quite rightly, felt all fathers deserved recognition. The first Father’s Day was observed in the State of Washington in June 1910, this idea of celebrating fatherhood spread quickly, but it wasn’t till 1972 that Father’s Day was permanently established in the US. I’m not sure how the rest of the world caught on – we may find its all a big plot by Hallmark!

I think its a great idea and Father’s Day celebrations have become quite an orchestrated art – children stage plays, host parties, get part time jobs so they can buy something special for their great Dad – what are you or your children planning for Dad?

Our family is split geographically and our daughters have drawn the long straw again, while we wait to see what’s store for their Dad, shall we look at some thoughtful gift ideas from Tiffinware?

Surprisingly alcohol related gifts are quite high up on the list; accessories for the bar:

Drinks measures always see to be quite popular. We think this one’s quite stylish, don’t you?

Silver plate, Spirit, Drink or Peg Measure., hand made

Silver plate, Spirit, Drink, Peg Measure or Jigger – a fabulous gift for Father’s Day

Drinks Stirrer, doubles up as an iced coffee, ice cream or latte spoon and would suit all tastes

Hand made Bar accessories for suit all tastes

Bar accessories; from right, Drinks Measure, at the back, a Stylish Cone to hold your bar tools or eat ice cream out of, in front, a small silver salver with a Drinks Stirrer and Lemon or Cocktail Fork. All items are hand crafted, silver plated and embellished with hand made glass beads

Shot glasses; well we don’t need to explain these, everyone knows all about vodka or tequila shots, and here are some stylish glasses for the purpose!

Gift ideas for Him; silver plated hammered Vodka Shot or liquor glasses.

Fantastic gift idea for your man – hand made, silver plated Vodka Shot glasses; buy a pair or a set of four, a different and unique gift

Enamel Drinks Tray, stainless steel

Drinks Tray, Bar accessories

A wonderfully bright and cheery tray for serving, drinks, nibbles etc with lots of style.

Desk accessories are popular too:

Paper Knife, Letter Opener, Stainless Steel, hand crafted, embellished with glass beads

Stainless steel Paper Knife of Letter Opener – every good desk deserves one!

And here’s another design, silver plater Letter Opener or Paper Knife – which do you prefer?

Desk accessories; silver plate, handmade, letter opener/paper cutter with a Pen/pencil Cone Pot

Stylish, silver plate Cone, a multi-purpose desk accessory beautifully matched by this handsome letter opener, paper knife with interchangeable glass beads

Honey Accessories: are a big hit with men – not surprising as they are so gorgeous ( I mean the honey accessories, but I’m sure the men are gorgeous too!)

The Honey Spoon hooks on to the Honey pot to avoid messy drips.

You can see how the Honey Spoon hooks on to the Honey Pot to avoid messy drips.

Silver plate Honey spoon with a 'wiggly stem.'

Silver plate ‘Wiggly Stem Honey Spoon’ especially designed to catch the drips as it hooks on to the Honey Pot

And last but not least, say “Cheese!”

Cheese knives and matching Butter Knives are perfect for the cheese lover

Handmade Cheese Knife, can be personalised

Stainless steel Cheese Knife with glass beads, seen here on the hammer finish, stainless steel Tray or Platter

Mens gift ideas, cheese and butter knives, hand crafted

Hand made stainless steel Cheese Knife, seen here with a silver plate Butter Knife with a matching glass bead handles. All our items can be personalised to the recipients colour preferences.

Smart and stylish additions to the Cheese platter, match them up with Butter Knives for a festive table setting

Smart and stylish additions to the Cheese platter, these stainless steel Cheese knives can be matched up with our silver plate Butter Knives for a festive table setting.

The Horn handle Cheese Knife will be available on our website soon. If you would like to buy it now, please phone us